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Professional After Sales Service


Service and support from the people who know your stair climber best.

All AAT hardware comes with a minimum of one-year international warranty and backed with technical service & support by AATASIA.
To extend your coverage further, purchase AAT Extended Care or our Protection Plan.

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Because we build entire stair climb aid solutions  — from hardware to mechanical parts to the operating system — AAT Protection Plan can provide integrated expert support that you can’t get anywhere else. Offerings are available for individuals, professionals, businesses.

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2+2 years warranty

Extended Care

With AATASIA Extended Care package, customers can now have a chance to extend your warranty and support from AATASIA experts, to ensure the long term care and protection for your products .

  • Extend your warranty for your device for additional 2 more years.

  • Regional repair coverage1

  • Coverage on manufacturer defects.

  • Additional extended 2 years warranty for battery needed for your stair climber.

  • Additional extended 2 years warranty for your stair climber's motor.

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Support & Service

Protection Plan

AATASIA Protection Plan gives our customers service and support from stair climber experts, so customers don't have to worry about spare parts, service and maintainence, or repairs. We've got you covered!

  • Save on your stair climbers yearly check up visits.

  • Get 2 free checkup per year by purchasing this package.

  • Enjoy a 10% discount off spare parts.

  • We provide a 10 point checkup diagnosis on your product, to make sure your device is working properly.

  • On site repair only upon requests. Terms and conditions apply.

Safe and reliable


We ensure and provide safe, reliable, and secure repairs with genuine AAT parts for every one of our customers. Every part that makes AATASIA stair climber to function and operate is hand made and assembled with care by our experts. We provide the utmost care for our customers to ensure their safety and keep our customers business running.

3D Printing Machine

Original spare parts.

At AATASIA, every product we make is built to last. We design durable, easy-to-use devices with innovative features that customers depend on, all while protecting their safety when operating. Customers should have access to safe, reliable, and secure repairs with genuine AAT parts if they need them. 

Help Desk Support

At AATASIA, we look out for our customers. This is why we provide a Help Desk support to assist everyone of our customers. We provide consultations, assessments and support to our prospects and customers and much more.

  • Priority access to AATASIA experts by chat or phone

  • We provide consultations to future prospects and existing customers.

  • We also provide assessments to everyone to find solutions to our customers problems.

  • Onsite demos can also be set through our Help Desk Support

  • Brochures, videos and other product information can also be acquired through chat or call.




Our AATASIA specialists are well trained and are vetted in order to handle repairs and our products. Our technicians undergo intensive training and follows our guidelines and SOPs that follows our company policies. Only our most trusted specialist will be assigned for repairs to ensure safety to our customers and business partners.

  • Regional repair coverage

  • Onsite repairs can be arranged upon request

  • Maintaining health of your stair climber to ensure it is working properly.

  • Carry-in repair. Bring in your devices and let us worry about the repairs.

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