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Mobility 4

Freedom On Ground & Stairs 

Mobility 4

Multifunctional Foldable Electric Wheelchair StairClimber 

The Perfect companion to move on ground independently climbing the stairs 

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The newest generation of Electric Wheelchair + Stair Climber

Mobility 4 features a motorised personal electric wheelchair that is combined with a motorised track stair climber. This gives you the ability to move anywhere you want easily while also being able to move up a flight of stairs easily. This gives an individual the freedom of mobility that a disabled person never has before.

It is a great innovation that we would like to share with the world. It can glide people up and down wooden, metal and concrete stairs without the need to carry or manually lift. It is also a cost-effective solution since it requires no costly track installation or changes to existing architecture.

That means, it can be easily used at home. It can improve lifestyle as the consumer is not required to move to a single-story house. The device ensures you can navigate up and down stairs with ease.

MOBILITY 4-03.png

Foldable, Easy to Carry

Can be placed in the trunk of the car after folding
Unfold Size : 107cm*63cm*156cm
Fold Size : 102cm*63cm*32cm

Electromagnetic Brake

Once the joystick is released, stop immediately


360 Controls
Right At Your Fingertips

User can Manoeuvre the electric wheelchair easily


Anti-tip wheel

Large 12 inch rear wheels have a better   performance on uneven outdoor  performance on uneven outdoor surface for instance in grass, gravel or snow and a sharp turning radius make sharp turns easily

burshless motor-14.png

Brushless Motor

250w*2pcs we use is brush-less electric machine, capable of mute, water resistant, smooth performance and is also made for a long-service life

12 inch Rear Wheels

Better performance on
uneven outdoor at any surface

Digital Display

Adjust speed . Display Battery . Easy to Operate


Easy Payment Plans

Instalment Payment for your debit card with 0% interest fees up to 4 months.

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