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Your needs are unique.
So are our Protection Plans.

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What is AATASIA Protection Plan?

Because AAT makes the hardware, each device hand assembled, our experts understand how everything works together and our Protection Plan can help to protect and resolve most issues regarding your stair climber.  With AATASIA Protection Plan, customers can now maximise your savings on service and repair while enjoying benefits from our Protection Plan. Find out more at the diagram below for more details.

Save on service & repair

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Protection Plans

Personal Plan
Business Plan
C400 CargoMaster
RM 550
RM 600
A350 CargoMaster
RM 500
RM 550
CC200 CargoMaster
RM 450
RM 500
C141 CargoMaster
RM 400
RM 450
C120 CargoMaster
RM 380
RM 400

Terms & Conditions :

Purchase of AATASIA Protection Plan can only be appplicable for products that are directly purchased from AATASIA.

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