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About Us

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AATASIA MOBILITY SDN BHD was established in 2019 and since then has been recognized in the health and safety industry as a leading online platform & supplier for health and safety equipment. We

Our goal is to create greater accessibility to various industries and also end user markets by providing the latest, highest quality of innovative yet affordable Stair-Climb Aid and Mobility Solutions with Professional After-Sales Technical Service & Support by utilizing our various online channels, nationwide network of authorized service partners, working closely with several medical and emergency services sectors and also partnering with top medical equipment suppliers, doctors and specialists in the field.

Being an authorized distributor our main service partner AAT ASIA - by ATM GROUP OF COMPANIES, founded in 1993, Asian representative of Stair-climb aid pioneer AAT Germany has given the synergy, allowing us to provide 1st in Asia Stair Climb-Aid Devices Technical Service Center, enabling clients necessary confidence in long term dealings with every purchase made.  
We are always innovating new ways of providing value benefiting both parties aimed on empowering our community.

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To become the largest, one-stop Health & Safety mobility Solutions provider catering to all walks of life, providing inviduals the potential to be mobile, specialising in all aspects of stairclimb aid devices


Empowering our community with the knowledge and tools required for self / daily mobility transport.

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AATASIA MOBILITY also offers Stair Climbing Solutions for Commercials Business, Contract Projects and One-Off Requests. This Provides the     perfect Cost Effective Solution for when a Lift is not an Option - or in cases which might require a Crane. 

Being the Number One Alternative Specialist Stair Lifting Provider with Years of Experience in the field. Sit Back & Relax, get in touch with us today for solution load up and downstairs up to 1,000kg

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